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Carpet in Bradenton, FL

Transform your home or office with the comfort of carpet. A great way to recreate your space without an extensive renovation is by installing a new carpet from Flooring America of Bradenton. Let us show you how beautiful your home can be with the addition of carpeting throughout. Our carpets are growing in popularity because of their beauty, durability, and quality craftsmanship. From start to finish, our flooring team offers you unparalleled customer service.

Malachine spire carpetWe feature a broad range of high-quality styles and materials that is suitable for the most discerning customer. Just some of our carpeting types include frieze, Berber, Saxony, Cut-loop, shag, and patterned. With our affiliation with a national franchise, we can take advantage of purchasing many of the industry’s most well-known brands and passing the savings directly to you. If you have a specific brand in mind, we likely have it in stock, including all of the following:

Benefits of Choosing Carpet Flooring

Choosing carpet flooring for your home is a true investment in your space. Our sales professionals are qualified to show you around the store so you can see exactly what our selection is like. From Berber to polyester, there are samples available for you to look at, feel, and compare to one another.

In the world of home and commercial flooring, a name-brand option makes all of the difference. The brand is backed by the manufacturer’s research of the right methods of construction, investment in research of certain materials, and offer of coverage from a manufacturer’s warranty. Additional benefits of choosing carpet installation include:

  • Minimizing the Chance of Slipping and Falling
  • Stain Resistance
  • Improvement of Air Quality
  • Strength and Comfort Underfoot
  • Decreased Noise Levels in the Home
  • The Quick Transformation of a Large Surface
  • Easy Maintenance with a Regular Cleaning Routine
  • Availability in a Number of Materials

Maintenance of Residential Carpet Has Never Been Easier

Your new carpet is sure to be truly low maintenance. Thanks to updates in manufacturing processes, carpet flooring is made to last and stand the test of time. Some of the styles we sell are actually stain-repellent and will not absorb liquids, dust, or dirt. After you make your purchase, we are able to advise you concerning the proper maintenance of your new residential carpet. Maintenance of this type of flooring is easy. Keep clean and fresh with a vacuum or the occasional steam cleaning.

To find out more about our carpet floors, simply call 941-348-1859, or use the form to the right to reach us anytime you want!


Brand-new residential carpets are the right option for you. Contact us to learn more about current sales and special prices. We are proud to serve clients in Bradenton, Sarasota, North Sarasota, and Palmetto, FL, and the surrounding communities.

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